Saint Emilion, 2016. Chateau Condat La Chapelle

Saint Emilion, 2016. Chateau Condat La Chapelle

Item #: XR7303W
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Red Wine
Vineyard/Appellation: France

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The wine is processed by enduring 2 months of maceration in small vats, then aging for 18 months in oak barrels.

The borough of Condate has existed since roman times. The Condat Domain was owned several times by the King of England. Conflicts took their toll on the castle but the church, which was first built in roman times, still remains. In 1821 Mr. Jean Pierre Beylot, a wine merchant and owner of the Chateau Gazin in Pomerol, acquired the Chateau de Condat. In 1855 he sold it to the Lemonnier family. Then in 1876, it is acquired by Charles de Seguin. In 1881 the Chateau de Condat produced 40 red wine casks. The estates of the Seguin were broken up after the death of the father and the wines of Condat disappear after the 7th edition of "Bordeaux and Its Wines." In 1999 Francois Janoueix bought the 17 hectare property from the heirs and has started winemaking once again.

Dark red purple color with fine, intense aromas. Full-bodied wine, well balanced, fine tannins and long after taste.