Pinot Noir, 2018. Kosta Browne Sta. Rita Hills

Pinot Noir, 2018. Kosta Browne Sta. Rita Hills

Item #: XR7308W
Vintage: 2018
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard/Appellation: St. Rita Hills

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With idyllic weather from start to finish, 2018 was one of the finest growing seasons of the past decade. Each wine within the Appellation Series embodies the unique qualities we cherish from the regions we work with.

A microclimate that began a mere 20 million years ago, is nothing short of a miracle. Tectonic plate movements over the years caused mountains to rise out of the ocean, break off the plate and rotate clockwise creating one of the most defined, transverse ranges on the Pacific Coast. Remnants of marine sediment deposited during the Miocene Epoch is the base of the soil found here with the added element of elevated calcium. But what makes this area truly unique is the purely East/West maritime mouth that funnels cooling coastal fog, and wind to the vines. One of the smaller AVAs in California, Sta. Rita Hills is one of the world's best cool-climate growing regions of Pinot Noir.

Sta. Rita Hill's 2018 growing season was long and provided ripe stems which allowed us to incorporate more whole cluster within our smaller lots. This technique provided structure and depth to the vibrant fruit profile. This wine is focused, with bright strawberry and cherry notes and a subtle, pleasing tension.