N2.7 Experiment, 2017. OVID

N2.7 Experiment, 2017. OVID

Item #: XR7339W
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Red Wine
Vineyard/Appellation: Napa Valley, California
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"At Ovid, we are committed to the idea and practice of experimentation in many facets of grape growing and winemaking, in order to learn more about our land and what will make the very best wine. We conduct formal experiments in order to investigate specific topics, and we participate in a variety of academic and applied studies as well. And we sometimes just indulge our curiosity by trying things several ways, in order to push what we know to be possible in both the vineyard and the winery. Our Experiment wines are a product of this process. Each vintage, we will offer small amounts of different wines that are of special interest to us, allowing you to taste and experience new aspects of our vineyard and winemaking.

We first planted our vineyard on Pritchard Hill back in 2000, clearing brush and removing boulders from the raw land. There was no vine history on the site so we cultivated 15 acres with 17 different clone and rootstock combinations to see what would work best with our newly cleared rocky, volcanic mountain top. We experimented by fermenting each block separately, tracking each lot's evolution for a year and recording the differences. This analytical process helped us develop a deep understanding of how each block behaves and how it responds to changes in farming practices. Co-fermentation trials used in producing the Experiment white wine inspired us to try choosing lots to ferment by the underlying chemistry of soil, rather than by block design. The 2017 Experiment F2.7 is a harmonious blend that exhibits juicy notes of cola, blackberry, rhubarb entwined with baking spice, forest floor and bay leaf. Saturating and layered, this congruous Experiment should mingle beautifully for years to come."

Austin Peterson Winemaker