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Toscana Rosso, 2017. Sensi Governato

Toscana Rosso, 2017. Sensi Governato

Item #: XR7359W
Vintage: 2017
Varietal: Red Wine
Vineyard/Appellation: Vinci, Florence

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Governato Toscana Igt is a red wine produced using carefully selected grapes manually harvested and dried under constant supervision and through a practice consisting of a slow refermentation of the wine just drawn off along with slightly dried grapes. This technique, called "governo" according to the Tuscan tradition, dates back to about 1800 and it consists of drying the best grapes on special supports. Subsequently, after pressing, these grapes are used to activate a second fermentation of the original must. This precious blend is then moved to a quiet rest in various containers according to the ancient Etruscan tradition. The production of Governato, starting from the appassimento process, is developed in close cooperation with the Oenology University "Tuscia" of Viterbo, highly renowned in Italy for its advanced grape drying technique know-how.

Governato has an intense ruby red color, a pleasantly fruity aroma with hints of Morello cherry, wild berry jams and flowers. It is soft and pleasant to the palate with balanced and well-integrated tannins. It is a wine featuring truly unique organoleptic characteristics thanks to its softness, a pleasant contrast between freshness and natural sweetness and the unexpected full-aged flavor that are peculiar characteristics of "governo" according to the Tuscan tradition.

Suitable for first courses and various meats serve at 16-18 ?C. It is perfect to accompany red and game meats and ideal in combination with aged cheeses.