Red Wine, 2018. OVID

Red Wine, 2018. OVID

Item #: XR7373W
Vintage: 2018
Varietal: Red Wine

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The first of our wines to graduate from the Experiment program to a flagship wine, Hexameter began with the simple inquiry: How compelling can a Cabernet Franc-focused wine from our site be? That early Experiment from 2005 produced an intriguing Franc-centric wine, and the next four years were used to refine the wine, particularly honing in on the best blocks within the vineyard.

Hexameter is the poetic meter used by Ovid in his Metamorphoses and, for that matter, in much Greek and Roman epic poetry. The concept of meter intrigues us, as meter contains, animates and organizes the information contained by a poem's words. Transposed to wine, the vineyard is the impulse behind a poem, and the wine its meter and language. As such, the wine Hexameter reveals a certain rhythm and structure in our vineyard that articulates its clear and profound affinity for Cabernet Franc.