Primitivo Burdi, 2019. Duca Carlo Guarini

Primitivo Burdi, 2019. Duca Carlo Guarini

Item #: XR7400W
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Primitivo
Vineyard/Appellation: Puglia, Italy
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It is almost unimaginable that the Guarini Family has been farming their property for 1,000 years. Their history goes back to Ruggero Guarini who founded the estate in 1065 and ever since it has been run by a Guarini.

The completely organic, 1,600-acre estate also farms organic vegetables and ancient grains, but it is the wine that defines the property. Being on the Adriatic Coast in Puglia also allows them access to one of the most bountiful fishing locales in the world. All in all, an amazing amalgam of man and nature.

Primitivo has always been the most revered grape in Puglia. It produces a bold offering that matches the food of the area. At one time it was thought to have originated here, and then brought to the new world in the 1850s by Augustine Haraszthy, where it became known as Zinfandel. However, DNA testing in the last 10 years shows it to be a grape called Tribidrag and actually originated in Croatia. Regardless of the circuitous route it took to get there, it remains the main grape of the region and for good reason.

Primitivo is a relatively easy grape to grow, but has one failing. It likes to produce a lot clusters, thus robbing the total grape of needed nutrients. But when grown organically and maintained, it produces an incredible wine, offering wild strawberry flavors and hints of cinnamon, dark chocolate and fennel to match the grilled meats of the area, marinated goat or wild boar.