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Tradition, NV. Monge Granon

Tradition, NV. Monge Granon

Item #: XS0120IF
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Sparkling
Vineyard/Appellation: France
Color: Lustrous Pale Gold
Nose: White Fruit, Apple, Pear
Palate: Greedy, Full of Freshness
Finish: Long, Sweet
Rating: N/A
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Fowl, Aperitif, Dessert/8% Alcohol by Volume

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Even after nearly 50 years of searching out the most interesting wines at the best prices, we still surprise ourselves. This is not just the first sparkling wine we've featured from the Rhone. It's the first we've tasted! The surprise was that it's delicious!

Two factions of the Granon family decided to pool their vineyard resources together and make their own wine. This is not unique, but when you're in the Rhone Valley and you decide to make sparkling wine, that's crazy! It certainly is one way to get noticed.

The grapes here are workhorse varietals for the Rhone, Muscat and Clairette. Normally Muscat is used to make the amazing sweet wines from the Rhone, but when fermented to retain less sugar, it turns into a very different wine. The impression of sweetness isn't as apparent because of the high acidity.

The wine is made in what is called the Methode Dioise Ancestrale. It's very different from wines made in the Champagne method, where the bubbles are formed in the bottle by adding yeast and sugar, producing a second fermentation in the bottle, or Charmat where they just add carbon dioxide to a still wine. In this case they bottle the wine before it finishes the first fermentation. In a way it's similar to the Champagne method because the fermentation finishes in the bottle and produce those lovely bubbles.

Here is a veritable fruit basket of flavor from pear and apple to kiwi and jasmine. It can hold up to Asian cuisine, rich sauces and especially desserts.