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Brut Inedite, NV. Louis De Sacy

Brut Inedite, NV. Louis De Sacy

Item #: XS7410W
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Brut Inedite
Vineyard/Appellation: France

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The Champagne displays a fluid and luminous pale yellow-gold color, with silvery lemon-yellow highlights. It is crossed by fine and vivid bubbles providing for a delicate collar. The visual sensation indicates both freshness and full of nuances. The first nose evokes notes of heart of lemon, apple, mint leaf, fresh liquorice, with mineral smells of iodine and chalk rocks. When aerated it evolves towards fragrances of acacia, mimosa and linden, with notes of verbena, peach, yellow grapefruit, fresh grape, pear, fresh almond, and tones of bun and anise. The approach in the palate is frank and fresh with a creamy and melted effervescence. The Champagne develops pulpy and crunchy matter, sustained by a tense acidity reminding those of lemon. The middle mouth is orchestrated by a pure chalk minerality that provides saltiness, a good length and a specific tactile feel on the tongue. The perfect dosage strengthens balance of fine structure and refinement of fruity flavors. The finish expresses melting texture which fine chalk release iodine sea spray. Cuvee Inedite is a Champagne combining freshness and concentration, with the refinement of a Grand Cru.