Dao White, 2019. Broadbent

Dao White, 2019. Broadbent

Item #: XW7205W
Vintage: 2019
Varietal: Dao White
Vineyard/Appellation: Portugal

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The Broadbent name has been synonymous with fine wine for more than six decades, beginning with the renowned career of British wine writer, auctioneer and Master of Wine, Michael Broadbent, and continuing with his son, the importer Bartholomew Broadbent. Bartholomew's deep roots in Portugal inspired him to create his own range of Ports, Madeiras and table wines.

Bartholomew's love for Portuguese wines stems from their eminent drinkability, restrained alcohol levels and the balance which makes them versatile enough to pair with all kinds of everyday dining. Bartholomew worked on building the market for at least 10 major Port brands, so it was only natural that his next step would be to develop his own. He was looking to make wines which were friendly on the palate, yet with enough quality to please the discriminating connoisseur, at an affordable price.

The Dao region sits on three plateaus and is surrounded by mountains, which protect the vineyards from any outside influences. The days are hot and the nights are cool with significant diurnal shifts. The soils are granite, schist and quartz. When describing the Douro Valley, Dirk Niepoort proclaims it the hardest, most impressive, intense and expressive wine region in the world. It is more complicated than any other wine area I know, usually southern exposure is the best, but in the Douro we have about 45,000 hectares under vine, with vineyards ranging from 80 to 800 meters. The soils are mostly schist but there are variations within the schist, as well as granitic soils.