Sherry Anada, 2000. Lustau

Sherry Anada, 2000. Lustau

Item #: XW7232W
Varietal: Sherry

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Nose: a slightly brighter profile, with slightly more acidity. Raspberry and candied lemon peel. Behind this there are some tobacco leaves and a whiff of smoke. Fresh figs. Less of the floral top notes that you find in the 1998, but very impressive nonetheless.

Mouth: great acidity to balance the sweetness, very fresh. Raspberry, maybe even tangerines. Figs and dried apricots. Really great fruity notes, it's only after a while that the classic peppery kick comes out, with honey and a little milk chocolate. The 1998 is certainly richer and darker on the palate (more toffee sweetness) but I love the higher acidity of the 2000.